Tree Services That You Can Rely On

Tree Services That You Can Rely On

Trust our certified arborist for plant health care services in Murrels Inlet, Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island and Garden City, SC

The landscape of your home is an integral part of your environment and creates a sanctuary on your property. Your trees provide necessary shade and privacy while purifying the air you breathe by filtering pollutants and releasing oxygen. It's worth investing in the health and longevity of your property's plant population.

Tree Preservation and Management

The certified arborist at Saw-Rite Tree Service, has expertise in treating trees and palms that have been malnourished or stressed from new construction

Fertilization & Biostimulants:

Natural-based fertilization can restore plant health, including palm trees, by rejuvenating soil that has been depleted of nutrients as well as poor, imported soils from the new construction process.

Treatment Applications:

Sometimes disease and insect infestations reach unacceptable levels, and we can offer control through effective treatments of your trees.